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Alabama A&M Bulldogs - Cap Tool 3 Ball Gift Pack

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Cap Tool Gift Pack

This combination includes 3 collegiate logo'd golf balls paired with a LinksWalker Cap Tool divot tool and 4 wooden golf tees as a bonus. LinksWalker ProVictory golf balls feature On-Ball Putt Technology (OPT), and your favorite Alabama A&M Bulldogs logo.

ProVictory Golf Balls
OPT allows you to visually line up the direction of the putt and square up your putter face. Your putter's face is correctly aligned to the intended line of the putt!

Cap Divot Tool with a removable collegiate ball marker
Gift packed with the Cap Tool, LinksWalker's double magnetic patent will keep your divot tool and ball marker convenient for play while adding collegiate Alabama A&M Bulldogs fan 'bling' to your hat. The Cap Divot Tool is an all metal construction with a high quality die struck enamel filled logo'd ball marker.

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