Tour Quality Golf Balls

Tour Quality golf balls are a three piece, multi-construction golf ball for total performance required by better players.

Tour Quality golf balls are preferred by better players but will help the high handicapper as well due to its consistency and control off the tee and around the green. With its three piece construction, it combines spin (wedges compress only the outer layers of the ball) with distance (a driver compresses deep into the core).

At higher swing speeds (driver, long irons) the ball compresses enough that the hard inner mantle layer compresses and snaps back for more distance. At slower speeds the soft cover stays on the club a millisecond longer and creates more spin which allows the ball to stop on the green. The soft cover gives the ball a much softer feel than a 2-piece ball on short shots and gives putts a more consistent feel and roll. In truth all players will benefit by using a Tour Quality (3 piece) golf ball.

The draw back has been that better performing three piece golf balls are more expensive forcing the recreational player to look at less expensive options – usually low performing two piece golf balls. Two piece balls sacrifice performance on approach shots on and around the greens – costing strokes.

Linkswalker ProVictory golf balls bridge this price point and offer a total performance Tour Quality (three piece golf ball) at an affordable price. There is no reason not to move to a better ball – and a magic ball at that!

Two Piece Ball


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