Become A Putting Machine

Putt AssistTM allows you to visually line up the direction of the putt and to square up the putter face. Implementing our patented alignment guide will SAVE you STROKES.

  • Putt Assist will improve your putting by simply helping you to align your putts more accurately.
  • Better alignment translates into fewer putts and lower scores. It’s that simple!
  • Proven three piece construction with high-energy core Easy to putt and control on the green.
  • Putter sweet spot reference line promotes square impact Improves stroke path for perfect putt
  • Can be used in tournament or recreational play
  • We guarantee you’ll save strokes every round


According to the PGA of America:

“Alignment is arguably one of the most important parts of your basic golf set-up. Over 95% of all “swing flaws” are traceable to a set-up position. Improperly aiming to your target can cause a good majority of those flaws. Without proper alignment, your body receives mixed signals from your brain, in relation to your body position and your intended target.”