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Golf courses are some of the most pristine, beautiful landscapes created by man. Over 15,000 golf courses are located in the US, making up approx. 45% of the world’s golf courses.  And, yes, while manicured regularly, golfers must respect the course and help maintain them.  

While golfing, repairing the green damaged by the ball or club is proper golf etiquette. Using a divot tool makes it easy.   

Tip: Give the divot approx. 3 stabs, pushing slightly inward, on each side.  Try not to pull hard and large to the inside. Do not twist.  

LinksWalker features a unique range of collegiate and customized divot tools with ball markers to the rescue.  

Check out the variety of divot tools we have and golf with pride.




Kool Tool Divot Tool Hat Trick Divot Tool




Cross Hairs Divot Tool Spring Action Divot Tool

Don’t forget that the Masters, held in Augusta, GA, started this week on Thurs Nov 12th! Check out the schedule on the Masters site and stream the games online. 

What is one of your favorite courses? We would like to hear your experience!  

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