Get a Grip!

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Your golf accessories should only improve your overall performance. The purpose of a golf glove is to get a good grip on your club without squeezing so hard that you lose the ability of a good swing.  Too much pressure will throw you off.  Golf gloves also create a barrier between the hand and a slippery grip which decreases tension in the hands and arms. End goal, to improve your performance. 

Our LinksWalker Golf Glove wears like a second skin, allowing you to focus more on your game. Our glove is made from Cabretta Leather with reinforced seams for form-fitting flexibility, strength and durability for long-term dependability. This comfortable and efficient fit enhances your hand to club grip connection, especially for golfers with a tendency for loose grips.    

There is a built-in moisture absorbent terry cotton wristband at the cuff of the glove.  This glove also has airholes for breathability.  This helps your grip in various weather conditions and climates.        

With the features and benefits of a glove you should expect, we’ve added a stylish feature for a personalized touch. We’ve included a ball marker placeholder built into the wrist of the glove, with a magnetic function for a ball marker of your choice.  The durable enamel-colored ball marker can be switched out and will hold in place securely until you change it - so it will not fall or fly off when you swing.

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